Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dagmar's Strudel Haus

Before this experience, I had never before had the opportunity to taste German food. Up till this point, I had only had cold canned sauerkraut and a rather uncreative goulash mixture that I only vaguely remember from my childhood. I was somewhat tentative, but excited, to eat at this restaurant.

The Atmosphere
At Dagmar's I was in for an absolutely marvelous treat. Walking into the restaurant was an interesting experience. Not quite what I expected. As myself and my party were immediately seated, we ordered drinks from the very helpful and very polite waiter. He kept apologizing as he felt that they were behind. Most tables were filled, which was a good sign for me. Despite his constant apologies, I felt as though the service was extremely fast. Germans are, after all, known for their efficiency. Dagmar's has a very quaint interior, however it was not uncomfortable, other than the lack of heat. The building was still crowded with Christmas decorations and restaurant regulars filled the seats. I was getting hungry and the foreign words on the menu were looking more and more confusing (and yet the descriptions that were in English were looking more and more delicious). I ordered Rouladen at the last minute as I was flustered when we ordered.

The Entree
As the server finally returned to the table with my meal, the steaming beef roll stuffed with bacon, onion, and pickle smelled of heaven. Two delectable dumplings soaked in gravy and surrounded by perfectly seasoned pickled red cabbage. My mouth instantly began to water as I took the first slice of this thing of beauty. As I bit down through the layers of pure genius, I tasted what I had never tasted before: succulent beef, tenderized and seasoned; flavorful onions; fattened bacon, greasy and buttery; a sour, vinegar infused pickle; and the best only mustard I have ever enjoyed in my life. Utter awesomeness. Dagmar is a genius, as far as I was concerned. I could only finish half of this dish as my guts felt like they were going to explode afterward. Next up, the strudel with cream!

The Dessert
The waiter brought me the most beautiful looking, flaky, layered strudel filled with apples and cinnamon. It was topped impeccably with whipped cream. I was prepared to only take one bite, as that was literally all I could fit in my stomach. The taste of this plate of beauty caused me to indulge on 3 bites. Three heavenly, wonderful bites. Thank you Dagmar. My mind is now open to the flavor of strudel.

Overall Impression
Dagmar's is a wonderful restaurant. The food is unbeatable and one of the best meals I have ever eaten. I have a few criticisms, though. The interior leaves something to be desired. The restaurant was uncomfortably cold and somewhat awkward as far as seating arrangement. I would also suggest adding some decorations (especially wall paint) to make the environment more pleasing. However, the food and the service was impeccable. It was obvious that these meals were well prepared from hands of experience and creativity. To make this restaurant better, there isn't much I could suggest. Just a few modern updates and a bit of class. 

Go to Dagmar's. Especially if you are hungry!

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  1. Thank you for the compliment on the food...I have been cooking for Dagmar 12 years now, and a appreciate the compliments....Would love to have the time to paint myself....Would love some help or people wanting to do some interior painting for us!!! maureen henry